Tamalpas Alaskan Malamutes

Home of Alaskan Malamutes in South Africa


Welcome to the Tamalpais Alaskan Malamute Kennel Website!

We hope you will enjoy the experience.


Tamalpais is based out of the imported lines from

Storm Kloud U.S.A. ( Nancy Russell ) and

Keikewabic Canada ( Maureen Anderson ).


Tamalpais Kennelís are based on showing & working dogs.

Over the years we have built and developed a very successful show team

&† continued to bring new dogs into the ring each year.

We breed to improve our lines at all times.


We hope as you page through our site, you will grow to appreciate this magnificent breed and the wonderful dogs who

†have made the Tamalpais Kennels, who they are today.


We honor those who have, left us and, cherish those who have continued in their stead.

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