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Words From The Breeder


My name is Tracy Judnick and I am very passionate about the Alaskan malamute breed. This is a dog that crept into my heart when I was 14 years old and had the privilege to meet my first Alaskan malamute who entered the country through Onderstepoort as part of a military breeding programme and was living with Dr Dave Freeman. She lived in the back of his veterinary practice and was a very misunderstood dog.


A lot of people classified her as very unfriendly, offish and stubborn. I looked into her eyes and decided to take the time to make friends with her. Soon I saw what would make me fall in love with this breed. Everytime I would go there she would remember me and when you gave her your time she responded with total love. She needed to know you saw her not as another dog, but understood that she needed to get to know you.


Through the years I have learnt to understand this breed with intensity, their likes dislikes, the nature that move through different lines and what makes for a happy well adjusted malamute. Doing extensive showing has made me work and train puppies through to adults and seeing what brings confidence out in an animal and just how easy it is to create a problem nature when the dog and the owner are not correctly suited..I have had the privilege to have passive, feisty, total alpha dogs. Through all of this the basis of the nature runs the same, you are looking at a very devoted and loyal dog who tries to please its owner, who gets bored if it does not get the quality time. If you treat them with respect and love and give them the credit of their intelligence you will get so much more from your malamute. They need to be told when they do wrong and praised for the good things. If you are overly firm or in anyway aggressive to a malamute, you will lose that connective bonding, it does not respond to forceful discipline and you will create a grumbly, non confident dog.


A well socialized malamute can interact well in off territory environments and the more you expose your malamute to everyday life the more relaxed your malamute will be. They travel well and not being a noisy breed, can be taken to outside accommodation Ėeg b and bís or hotels, as long as they are caged or benched. At the end of the day ,he/she just wants to spend as much time as it can with its owners.


As a mother of three children, I can tell you these dogs created a incredible environment for my children to grow up in. They are a breed who enjoy children and bond with them, my kids have super memories of their times growing up with malamutes. Taking them on holiday, long car trips and swimming in the sea, lying in bed and sharing it with a malamute who knows the pillow is for the head. Crying because losing a malamute felt like you had lost a family member.


It is a 14 year relationship between you an this animal of mutual respect and love and time, and as you near the end you can look back and remember that this was an animal that became an integral part of your life. So I say if you do not have the time or quality time to give to this breed do not make a dog unhappy, rather let someone who wants to experience a close relationship have the opportunity. There is the right owner out their for every malamute and it is up to the individual breeder to find it for them.


How Tamalpais Kennels Evolved


I waited until I had got a big property and through the years I had watched the malamutes grow and develop in the states. I bought my first malamute from Snowpine kennels her name was Cheyanne and she was a black and white. A very gentle ,non alpha personality, who was totally devoted to me. I felt I wanted to import a male in from the states and introduce new bloodlines to south Africa. I spoke to quite a few breeders and looking at the snowpine lines I knew I would have to go to Stormkloud kennels and so began communication. At that time the local dogs were quite tall. I must say it was a absolutely wonderful day that Dakota arrived in south Africa and to put the cherry on the top it was the weekend of the air show and as we were driving home 3 dakotaís did a flyby,and that proved to be a† good omen. His name was Storm Klouds Howlin Dakota and it suited him. As a teenager ,he gave us a few days of having to discipline him as he was a alpha boy and loved to show his spirit. Tania had a few wobbly moments with him outside the ring. He had the uncanny gift of knowing when he had won and as they announced him he would howl and before we got into the ring he would always announce his arrival. He developed into† a well adjusted adult, who we could take anywhere and even hit the TV screens for edgars.He was good with other breeds and was very content with himself and I can only compliment Stormkloud on his superb nature that has moved down through the years and given tamalpais the ability to say we have amazing temperaments. We stored sperm on Dakota so we can back into his lines at anytime.


I went onto commence the tamalpais lines and we bred consecutively healthy puppies and slowly improved with each litter. Dakota had a very good show career which was cut short with him being hit in the jaw by a car and losing his eye tooth. He lived to the ripe old age of 14 and you will be able to go to his page and see all of his achievements and the amazing amount of champions he produced. He brought back good coats, we saw strong chests appear and good boning. He had good strong movement which he portrayed whilst doing our sledding.


Our second import came from Canada and a very reputable breeder who Storm Kloud advised and had bred with as well. Keikewabic Kennels was right up in the top of Canada in Thunderbay and I requested a bitch.I was told she would come wit a very feisty personality, as their dogs still carried a very outgoing dominant personality, that brought back a bit of the malamute that we would have seen years back. Well she landed and conquered the land. She cocked her leg like a male from 6 months and ran the property and knew exactly what to do under sledding. She was a superb brood bitch and even better mom, who set pack order very quickly amongst her pups. She would show her preference of her top puppies and forced them to be assertive. She brought so much personality to the lines ,that in turn created very confident puppies and dogs. With this she introduced new colors to the lines from Sables to Reds and Chocolates. Combining Dakota and Choame gave us some really super movers and very nice show dogs. She definitely brought strength to tamalpais in the female lines.


I did a mating to Wolfpacks import Tulem with a very storm kloud type bitch and we produced some really good dogs who have gone on to produce really good structured, clean moving† dogs, as well tamalpais bay for me .Bayoux one of our top showing dogs ,who has won the Alaskan malamute show 3 or 4 times ask Tania.


As we progressed so we started creating numerous lines which we monitored very carefully-we should have very strong hip clearance as we have only used HD00 dogs throughout the years. I needed to look for a slightly taller male who would compliment the lines, so after traveling to see Nancy Russell and ask her opinion, she recommend that I look at the Windís Fury kennel which lined back into Dakota, so we put our name down and eagerly awaited the day of smooch's arrival.


Wind fury salutes storm kid of tamalpais arrived and this beautiful puppy developed into a truly wonderful animal. He has two best puppy in show wins and won best of breeds from 9 months competing against champion dogs. He has a reserve best in show for† a working and herding show.

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